The Wool Cart

The Wool Cart is situated in The Regent Centre, Kirkintilloch.

We provide everything you need to knit that beautiful shawl, jumper to keep you warm or the lovely cardigan for the new born.

We sell patterns, wool, needles, threads, buttons and ribbon and much more.

Gift vouchers also available for any value.

Come and see us, we’re open 6 days a week.


Not sure what to knit with what wool?

Here are a few ideas what you can make...

Crofter Wool

PomPon Wool

Arran Wool

Knitted Crofter Wool

Knitted PomPon Wool

Knitted Arran Wool

The Knutty Knitters

Come along and join our social club, The Knutty Knitters.

Meeting once a week, you can get help with whatever you are struggling with, get new ideas or just have a good blether.

All Knutty Knitters get a 10% discount at The Wool Cart.

New members are always welcome!

Join us on Monday evenings between 7pm - 9pm, in The Regent Centre Cafe

Contact Us

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Looking for something special? Why not come and have a look?